Conduit’s music curation experts have decades of experience identifying the artists and sounds that grab listeners’ attention. We’ll create a soundtrack

that furthers your goals, deepens your connection with your audience and brings your brand to life.



Meet our golden-eared crew of deep diving, beat hungry, rhyme happy, melody chasing music savants. Conduit's team of curation specialists listens between the notes.



Seeking the best music from all genres and eras and sharing that with listeners is why we're here. The Conduit sound is open-minded, freeform and decidedly non-mainstream — not to mention addictive. Hearing is believing. 





Conduit's mission is to help people discover the music they didn't know they love. Our small, dedicated team of music masters and mixtape makers accomplish this through a variety of approaches and environments. Conduit is here to serve individuals, organizations, businesses and other entities who:

  • prefer the unique, underheard sounds that are overlooked or ignored by mainstream channels

  • have grown tired of algorithmically-generated playlists lacking in personal touch and feeling

  • don’t have the time to make or scroll through bottomless pages of playlists in search of the right sound

  • appreciate a little “surprise” in their music listening

  • share a “less is more” sensibility

  • prefer the boutique experience over big box stores


Conduit came about from our experience that there is something missing from music curation. That “something” is the human element that connects one song to the next based on a DJ/curator’s taste and expertise, how songs fit together, or a feeling, as opposed to what an algorithm “thinks” you want to hear.

In this age of algorithms and artificial intelligence, Conduit employs technology as a means to restoring art to the practice of music curation and discovery. We think you’ll feel our connection to the music we select, and we'd be thrilled to speak with you about deepening your connection to music and how it relates to your purpose.


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