You’re a pioneer in your field: creative, adventurous, open-minded. Holding a clear vision for your venture, you boldly blaze new trails in pursuit of your mission.

Conduit’s expert curators can support your efforts to connect by selecting music with nuance, depth and a freshness that ties the thrill of discovery to your brand impression. The right music allows your audience to “feel” you, creating a valuable emotional connection that’s hard to replicate.


Get in touch with us today to learn more about how Conduit can help you employ music to power your message.

Conduit can build and program a custom, branded "radio station" streaming music selected to match your mission. Our curation team will work with you to identify artists, tracks, themes, keywords and other criteria to create a unique music mix that will keep your customers

“tuned in” to your brand.


Your own music channel will stimulate audience engagement and is an excellent vehicle for advertising and promotion.

Let Conduit create a periodic custom mixtape that reflects your personality and gives your audience a recurring set of thoughtfully-selected music to discover and enjoy. Keep them coming by getting them hooked on your product — and providing them with a regular fix of new sounds

to go with it.


Dual purpose: Bring your brand to life while treating your audience to great music.

Whatever's happening, music is an effective tool for  enhancing the environment. Conduit’s curators can pre-sequence suitable music for your event or DJ it live, reading the room to deliver real-time sonic ambience.


Parties, receptions, in-store, in-office, wherever — all of our curators are well-versed at raising the vibe and dialing in the ambience.